November 15th – 19th

As we left Half-Moon island, we headed out to Nansen Island, which is just south of Livingston Island and Half-Moon. It was a long, tedious drive, about 16 hours. But, upon arrival of Nansen Island, we got up and started our day. My step-mom, my dad, a woman named Gloria, and I headed up the mountain. This particular mountain was never summited before, and I happened to be at the front of the group. Therefore, I was the first person to summit that mountain. Overall, this was the best skiing of the entire trip.

IMG_1719 IMG_1625

It has been a whirlwind South American adventure. We spent several days in Buenos Aires and are now in Ushuaia, Argentina Tge Southern most city in South America. We went skiing yesterday up on the Martial Glacier and made my first turns of the season on skis. My dad went over glacier travel and how to ski while being roped up. It was a fun day. We visited a museum that explained the history of Ushuaia that was very interesting. We board the ship tonight and head south.

Bon Voyage!

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